So the Storyline is…?

The narrative involves two planets, Zeon and Arken, dancing in unison. Each revolves around the other as they jointly circle their sun. Zeon is similar in development to earth circa 1830, while Arkenites possess vastly superior technology. Zenites are unaware their immediate neighboring planet is inhabited. Arkenites, on the other hand, have the sophistication and science to be completely familiar with Zeon and what it would mean to them, if they could only cross the short distance between their two worlds.

Arkenites previously lost their ability for inter-stellar, or even inter-planetary travel, after the loss of the supply chain for the uranium and plutonium their space ships required. Their own planet had exhausted its scarce ore deposits, and they were relying on ore from an uninhabited world. Unfortunately, they became stranded on Arken when their transport ship, on a mission to replenish their supplies, was destroyed.

Arkenite prospects to recover their galactic space travel ability greatly improve, when telepathic communication is established between Sorab of Arken and the protagonist, Zalk of Zeon. Zeon has abundant supplies of the mineral ores Arkenites need, albeit most difficult to access. Arken still has primitive chemical-powered rockets that could launch a one-way probe to Zeon and land by parachute – completely inadequate to carry anything other than light cargo payloads.

As our tale commences, Zalk, being a Zenite scientist who had made major improvements to the telescope, is interviewed by a local reporter, G3. The interactions between G3 and Zalk are the axes central to the opening of the story. Needing to promote her neophyte career, G3 falsifies her interview with Zalk to create sensationalist copy, alarmist headlines, and most of all, to launch her own star into the heavens. Zalk’s career immediately sinks into the bowels of Zeon.

Zeon has only two small continents on opposite sides of the globe. The despondent and desperate Zalk is forced to abandon his world and flee to the other side, on a three-month journey via a wooden sailing ship. Sorab sends parachute drops of gold, providing the resources for Zalk and his wife to travel to a new home, start a new life and, most importantly for Sorab, undertake the mining operation Arkentites so desperately need.

Zalk’s disappearance impedes G3’s career advancement as her newspaper’s circulation drops off, with the focal point now nowhere to be found. G3 concludes Zalk has fled to the one possible safe refuge – the other side of the planet. She decides to pursue him in an attempt to relight her star.  The interactions between them become critical, at multiple levels, resulting in the denouement as they return to share center stage, accompanied by Sorab and supporting cast. The climax will surprise all.