from the cover:

Zalk, an astronomer on an oppressive industrial-age world, discovers more than just life on the other planet they share their orbit with – he forges a telepathic link with an ambassador from this spacefaring society, who promises wealth and fantastic technology. The catch? He must implement plans for a mining operation, financed by drops of gold from the heavens…

What exactly are the intentions of this celestial messenger? Can he reconcile with an antagonistic reporter to find out in time? Joining forces may be their only hope to save their world.*

I’m Brandon. And that’s the cover blurb to First Contact: Strings Attached, the first novel by Paul Nelson (my Dad).

When I was a kid, Dad used to tell my brother Keith and me bedtime stories. He didn’t read them, though – he made them up off the top of his head. Stories about two protagonists named Brampton and Kanobee, and their exciting adventures that, infuriatingly, always ended in a cliffhanger. We’d leap up in bed begging for more, but invariably we had to wait until the next night. These stories didn’t have their presumptive intended effect: Keith and I would be so wound up, we’d be up well past lights-out talking about how our alter egos would get out of their predicament, or trying to guess what would happen to them next. (We were always wrong.)

In retirement, Paul has again embraced his vocation as a raconteur, this time committing yarn to parchment. (I should leave the writing to him.) His first book, which I’ve helped midwife into being, is a visionary/science fiction story with multiple twists along the way…

Let me give you the unvarnished truth about it though: this is not a professionally edited narrative. I did the copy editing, striving for grammatical correctness and prose that flows. (Boy did we fight about that! He likes obtuse, and I like to-the-point.) It’s a complex story that takes some effort to follow, and there’s even some unique vocabulary to learn. But there’s lots of humour, and I promise that if you push through, it’ll be one of the best stories you read or see all year, and will stay with you long afterwards. It would translate very well to a blockbuster screenplay, and needless to say, it ends in a cliffhanger…

Whether you’re interested in reading it or not, I hope you’ll (to the right), which Paul promises will be low-volume: news and offers a few times a year. You’ll get a code for 20% off the print edition at CreateSpace. Or check in occasionally at first contact What you hear from readers about the ending will make you want to know when Volume Two (already written) is available! (2017…)

The print edition is professionally illustrated & designed, available in softcover at (or CreateSpace if you’d like a larger cut of the royalty cheque to go to us).

Electronic editions, for the price of a decent coffee, are available on iBooksKobo and Kindle. (Nook is coming. The best reading experience is on iBooks, where footnotes are more easily accessed as popups.)

* Read on for a more detailed storyline.